Piazza Vittorio

Piazza Vittorio is an old square in the heart of Rome. It’s close to its main railways station, and in recent years became the “ethnic” neighborhood of Rome: chinese, african, pakistani, indian, they all added a different flavor to an area dated late 19th century.
Today I decided to take a walk around the square and surroundings, and take some pictures.
Here is the outcome of my day.



The arcades found here are typical of northern Italy. The people from Piedmont coming to Rome after it was added to the Italian Kingdom changed this area and the architecture resemble that of Turin.



The arcades and streetcars make this area very peculiar. Nowhere else in Rome you will find similar architecture.



Right after one of the main entrances there is a clock on a small tower.



On a corner of the square there is a statue, a “group” with tritons, dolphins and other marine animals. Romans never liked it very much, but I think it’s just ok.



These tall palms show the contrast of the mild Rome climate with the northern Italy architecture with arcardes made for rainy and cold places.



Everyone knows that romans monuments are “owned” by cats.



This one was young and beautiful



And quite cooperating with the photographer!



On one corner of Piazza Vittorio there’s a so-called “magic gate”, which is actually what’s left of a 17th century villa


A close up of the tritons statue


Only a hundrer meters form Piazza Vittorio, Gallieno’s Arch is what’s left of the most ancient Rome’s walls, the Servian Walls, built around sitxh century B.C.



To testify the multicultural environment of Piazza Vittorio, within the new food market there is a small square, where a statue of Confucio has been put




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