Garbatella – May 2013

Garbatella, or “Garbante” as it is called by people living there, is an old but not ancient and very popular neighborhood of Rome, where I was born and lived until I was 30, and where still most of my relatives live.
It’s a maze of small streets, mostly cobblestones, villas and small buildings, where people still lives just like it was a country village and not a part of a major city.
It is not included of the classic tours of Rome, and I think it’s still a well kept secret.
More and more romans discover “la Garbatella” as a romantic and quiet place to live.
I was lucky enough to be born there, and with my daughter we spent some time yesterday rediscovering its magic.

Il quartiere che mi piace di più è la Garbatella.

Nanni Moretti, “Caro Diario”



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