The art of Yoko Naito

I recently visited Tokyo, and I was fascinated by its buildings and skyscrapers.
A few of them are quite exciting to be inside and are organized to welcome visitors with exhibits and events.
One of these buildings is the Sony building, that hosts a sound demonstration on the final floor quite impressive.
However, in taking the stairs down back I stumbled across a not so big exhibit space, where about maybe 30/40 large photos were on the wall, and I was just fascinating by them.
I started looking at the pictures, and after a while I realize a young woman was describing them to a couple of people.
I found out she was the actual artist who took those wonderful pictures and I asked her if I could shoot a couple of portraits of her nearby one of her photos, and she graciously accepted.
Yoko Naito, this is the artist name, is a noted Japanese photographer, but she spent many years in NYC, establishing herself as one of the most interesting photographer of her generation.
Her photos all take an unusual look at the world surrounding us; sometimes the subject can be even trivial, but with the right eye, everything seems fantastic.
As the Italian photographer Franco Fontana used to say, when you take a picture of what you see you take a picture that anyone can take. But when you take a picture of what you have in your head, then it’s going to be a unique piece of art.
This is just the impression I had in looking at Yoko’s photos: mostly overexposed, or bleached, vast landscapes or tiny details.
Minimal, sometimes, or rich in details, unusual crops and compositions.
Nothing is “already seen” in Yoko’s work, and nothing is without emotion and surprise.
Her work can be seen on her web site here.
The following pictures are those I took at the exhibit, and I am very proud she accepted to be photographed by me.
Arigato, Yoko 🙂

Yoko Naito 2
Yoko Naito 1



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