The not so Chinese Girl

About a year ago I was wandering around in the heart of Rome, holding my Nikon D7000 which I was going to replace with a D610 shortly thereafter, when suddenly, on a narrow cobblestone street, an incredibly beautiful girl was standing in the sun, smoking a cigarettes. I was so struck by her natural beauty that I asked if I could take a picture. I usually don’t disturb people I do not know, but in this case I really had the guts to ask because I found her perfect for a portrait. Incredibily she agreed and I took just a couple of pictures, because I didn’t want to be intrusive. I didn’t have the right lens and I could probably do better, but I was very happy of the picture I took and that I called “Chinese Girl”. This is the picture. Chinese Girl_new I thought this woman was working somewhere in that area, she didn’t seem to be a tourist, notwithstanding that oriental look, so during the next 12 months very often I called by the same narrow street but I never had the chance to meet her again. Then a couple of month a go I asked on a photo group on facebook if any model would be interested in shooting pictures with an old NIKON F2 and a roll of HP5 black and white film. A nice girl answered and we shoot some interesting pictures. This is one examples of the photos we did that day. Negativi Giulia New061 FINAL Just by chance, as this girl whose name is Giulia looks oriental herself, I mentioned the story of the Chinese Girl, telling her she looked a bit like her. Giulia told me she’s not Chinese but half-Japanese, and as I knew where she was working I told her that I met that Chinese girl not far from her workplace. She was hit by this, and wanted to see the picture, and as you may imagine the girl I took a picture of one year earlier was not Chinese at all but Japanese, and happened to be a relative of Giulia, moreover working some 50 meters from her workplace. I was stunned too. Giulia promised me she would put me in contact with Yuki, this is the name of the mysterious girl, and so she did, and finally, almost one year after, I was able to have Yuki in front of my camera again, this time with a new camera, a top lens, and ready to shoot the pictures I had in my mind for one year. The following portraits are only two of the many I took. She was gentle and patient enough. Me? Happy as a baby. Sometimes photography is just that: a whole bunch of happiness. DSC_0224-Modifica FINAL_new DSC_0225-Modifica FINAL_new